Hello! I am Jessica.

A Savvy Success Consultant

and I kindly invite you to visit my website, presenting the services of my company, my mission and goals so you can determine if I am the extra pair of hands you need for your next project!

I Have a Passion For What I Do

Are you looking for advice on cybersecurity solutions? Do you want to start a viral marketing campaign and need some compelling infographics created? Perhaps your company is going through a merger, and you need assistance in dealing with the implications and impact. Or you are just getting your business started and require some savvy virtual assistants. JLW Consulting Services Simplified offers a full range of business consulting services tailored to your companies needs.

Grow With My Ideas

Let a JLW Consultant be your guide! If you're considering our services and solutions, it means you're looking for IT professionals who can help you determine how to best support your business. We will meet with you and dive deep into your goals and needs to navigate through the solutions that are available and determine what best suits you and your business. Please sit back, relax and focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest!

Your Success is My Success

First impressions last, so I make sure that every detail counts. Our talented design team is experienced in print, digital, web, social, and experiential design platforms. And we always ensure a timely and smooth path to deliver with a network of talented designers and producers that are experts in their field. Our technical support team has amassed years of experience handling the technical issues associated with the technology we depend on in our daily lives. With wide-ranging expertise in everything from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computer systems right through to server systems and cloud solutions, we proactively maintain and monitor to ensure reliability and operational effectiveness so that the maximum ROI is made from your technology investment.

Consulting Services

  Our consulting service focuses on enhancing your operational effectiveness both during normal operations and under business continuity-type situations.
​With extensive practical expertise, we can help in identifying areas of risk and build mitigation plans based on your business's unique needs. Likewise, we can help identify opportunities and efficiencies where we can use your technology investment for maximum return on investment.
Want to ensure your business is running at peak efficiency? Let our consultants do a thorough review of your business processes. Our high-level evaluation includes: 
  • Process identification and documentation
  • Process automation
  • Business Audit
  • Market Research
We will review what you do, document everything, and pinpoint areas to use technological solutions to help you gain efficiency!

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Digital Marketing
We are creative souls who understand that making a good first impression is crucial to communicating your objectives and establishing relationships with clients, so we make sure that every detail counts.  Our designers work diligently to fully understand and clarify your company's vision, perspective, and passions. From logos and high-quality and unique print materials to building websites or doing corporate lighting design and video production and editing, we transform your thoughts and briefs into powerful marketing and training assets that are delivered on time and exceed expectations.
IT Services
As technology advances we expect it “just to work” however like all complex machines, technology systems need pro-active maintenance. Our multi-talented team can reduce the technical headache and ensure your technology systems have been deployed per industry standards, meet your compliance requirements (where applicable) and then keep them in top operational condition by carefully managed maintenance and configuration management.  We would love to give you our No Stress Tech experience!
Virtual Assistance
Your search for top-notch virtual assistant services ends here! We are your go-to partner, assisting you in all your business and personal tasks. Be it the internet research, content writing, website design and development or any administrative task, our team of experienced and efficient virtual assistants has a result-oriented approach for every task, ensuring that you get your work DONE on time. We love helping busy entrepreneurs and individuals meet their business or personal needs. You deserve the best and we offer top-of-the-line virtual assistant services.